Internet Marketing for Dummies

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Internet business for dummies illustrates the basic methods of doing internet business. The techniques being applied are all for amateurs, especially those who are new to internet business or who just recently had an experience doing online business.

The concept of internet marketing is often related to search engine marketing and optimization. The reason why those concepts are linked together is that one compliments the other. Successful search engine marketing (SEM) has its origins not in some fancy code to decipher Google’s search engine algorithm, but it lies in providing valuable information, products or services to the ever growing online community.

It is important that aspiring online entrepreneurs be familiarized with the basic principles that drive the internet business. The principles governing conventional and online business are the same; the only difference would be the methodologies applied to run the business. Ultimately the law in economics regarding supply and demand is what governs.

Many people think that internet marketing consists of placing an advertisement on web pages or buying classified ads from search engines. Although they appear to be very related, they are not. Advertising is just one basic task in the process of marketing.

A successful internet marketing campaign always follows certain steps or patterns to accomplish its purpose.

Determining the right product

First, a marketer must determine the right products/services his clients want; then it is necessary to acquire an audience through link building, pay per click campaigns or any other creative method. Once a few customers have been acquired it is a need to polish the original techniques which originated the desired action and expanding the relationship with existing clients.

Marketing techniques

Proper marketing techniques are executed considering several factors such as demographics, psychology, economics, and much more. An example of a simple marketing plan which relies on economic and demographic studies would be “advertising high priced items to members of a certain social party which earn more than a determined amount of dollars a year.”

Formulating a plan

Marketing a product or service requires formulating a plan. First, and advertiser must acknowledge and analyze its competitors. Most of the online market is highly competitive, and the very few developers who are lucky enough to find a profitable vertical market soon find themselves having to improve their strategies to keep up and compete with new organizations focusing on the same field.

A practical example for today’s internet marketer which illustrates the statements above would be “selling electronics through an online store.” If we stop and carefully think about it, we have first to browse and look at our competitor’s prices and get creative even to begin formulating a decent plan. A smart marketer would advise to “specialize or to focus on a certain product,” lets use digital cameras to further develop this example. After narrowing down the niche, an internet marketer would have to determine an equilibrium price to sell such product and keep it competitive. Now, the marketer needs to promote such item providing enough information so that the costumers will acknowledge the value such item possess.

Final thoughts

To summarize internet marketing is all about elaborating a good plan which involves having a product or service to market to a certain audience utilizing creative methods; giving it value thus creating a demand for it. Internet marketing is not an exact science, so continuous testing is necessary to achieve long-term success.